About Us

After decades of managing projects, being a part of project teams and running companies whose success rested on project performance – across many industries – we had all the impetus and ammunition we needed to design a better way!

We knew there were ways to significantly improve the process, information visibility, and business intelligence around project management and collaboration. So, we set about developing a product that would do just that.
It was also important to us that TidyWork be able to work seamlessly with – and extend – existing tools that our customers might be using, such as Outlook and Microsoft Project. We also embraced cloud technology to its fullest from day one, so that we could offer our customers the most flexible, easily-accessible, secure and affordable product possible.

TidyWork streamlines operations, increases the success of projects on all fronts, and removes the guesswork out of project management - giving the benefit of project insight rather than hindsight!

Being cloud-based has also given us the opportunity to base our company in New Zealand, yet deliver an outstanding product to customers all over the globe.

Our Management

Kevin Mann

Chief Executive Officer

A pragmatic Kiwi engineer at heart, Kevin is passionate about solving problems, especially in those areas where challenges place the most difficulty and demand on a business. Project management is such an area.

In 1996, after tenures with BP, Mitsubishi and Lloyds TSB, Kevin formed the UK-based Silicon Avenue. Silicon Avenue was initially a specialist software consultancy, directing global, large-scale projects for finance, banking, and energy sector companies including Bankers Trust, Fletcher Energy/Shell Oil and ABN Amro. Kevin also held the position of CTO during the key growth years of a large global hedge fund.

First-hand experience with the lack of efficiency and functionality in project management tools motivated Kevin to develop TidyWork

Building a highly talented team, Kevin converted Silicon Avenue from consulting to product-focused company, and began work on TidyWork, a 'new era' project management product. TidyWork gives productivity-empowering tools to each individual that has a stake in delivering project success.

While TidyWork will continue to grow for the benefit of Silicon Avenue's customers, its fundamental raison d'etre will remain the same – to bring simplified yet effective business intelligence to projects, so that small and large companies alike can enjoy increased profitability, more efficient team management and delighted clients.

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