Is TidyWork for you?

If you answer 'Yes' to one of these two questions, then it is:

Is your business drowning in a sea of job sheets?

Do you struggle to create consistent quotes (and remember what you told the customer)? Do you waste time finding job cards that are lost or at the bottom of the pile? Do you spend your weekends translating those job cards into invoices? TidyWork fixes all of these problems and is designed for workshop scheduling, especially where job costing/job tracking is concerned.

Are you responsible for long, complex projects?

Is it tough to keep tabs on what has been billed to your client? Do you wish you know the percentage of time that your team spends on billable work? TidyWork is built to answer all of these questions for you, especially when it comes to keeping track of project milestones and the profitability of the project overall.

Still not sure? Then take a look at these key TidyWork advantages to help you decide...

Do you use materials in your jobs or projects?

Maybe you make things for your end customers (where those things are generally different for each customer). Or perhaps you provide a service, where that service consists of labour and materials (like a sign writer). With TidyWork you can manage a parts or inventory list, group similar items, and define cost price and a charge price for each material.

You can also describe materials and two-dimensions (like a sheet material that you buy in m2 and sell in mm x mm). You can also raise purchase orders, adjust estimated prices, and apportion freight. We find that many of our customers don’t require a full-fledged inventory application (that manages warehousing, re-ordering, etc.), but are very happy with the material handling that TidyWork provides. If however you do require full inventory management then TidyStock can be added seamlessly to your TidyWork environment.

Do you perform ‘hour-by-hour’ resource scheduling?

In other words, do you care if Fred has 7 hours of work assigned to him tomorrow, when you are paying him for 8?

Use resource scheduling to see a summary of assigned and available hours for all staff, across all projects, and fill in those gaps or move projects out to match your capacity. All sorts of businesses love this ability, especially those who bill the customer on a per-hour consultancy basis. Many other project management products do not have resource scheduling, or use task bars across several days (like a typical Gantt chart). It’s hard to keep your staff productivity at a consistently high level with that kind of approach.

Do you care about usability and ease of adoption?

TidyWork is a web application, but uses a ribbon approach similar to recent versions of Microsoft Office. Our customers generally find this a pleasure to use, and it's much less ‘clunky’ than other project planning software applications.

We also have a mobile web application designed especially for team members performing tasks and consuming materials – they find this very easy to use on both smart phones and tablets.

Would you like to understand the situation on any project or job at any time?

Using TidyWork you can keep a good eye on who is doing what, if things are running late, and if things are costing what you are expecting. To delve deeper into the situation generally requires only one click or two.

Customers who really like this capability tend to be in industries where jobs or projects are flying around thick and fast, or where there is potential for over- or under-charging, hence the importance of reliable job tracking.

Do you have customers or suppliers that are overseas, or do you operate in multiple countries?

TidyWork supports multi-country and multi-currency operations, and keeps track of exchange rates and different tax rates.

These features aren’t easy to find in cloud-based project management or time-tracking applications.

Do you use Microsoft applications (and want to keep on using them)?

We can take your Microsoft Project files and inject them into TidyWork. We can also update your MS Project file with the actual progress recorded in TidyWork, helping to keep your project planning on track throughout.

If you like to plan your life in your Outlook calendar, then you can import your TidyWork task assignments, and send an appointment through to TidyWork as time performed on a task. You can synchronize you Outlook and TidyWork views of the world at any time. And you can operate TidyWork in conjunction with MS Dynamics CRM.

Is tight integration with Xero accounting important to your workflow?

TidyWork can send invoices straight to Xero+, with different levels of invoice detail, and a new customer can be created in Xero automatically from within TidyWork.

On the purchasing side, Purchase Orders can be sent to Xero where they appear as accounts payable. Each Activity, Material Type, or Expense Category can also be mapped to a different account in the Xero chart of accounts. This deep integration with Xero can really speed up your paperwork (well, non-paperwork) if you are lucky enough to be using their fine product. And we are adding integration features all the time.

Are you interested in the activities your staff are doing when performing their tasks?

TidyWork lets you define and record the activities that your staff undertake to complete their work.

For example, if one of your projects has a task ‘Get sign-off on plans’, then you can record the time spent on ‘phone calls’, ‘meetings’, ‘document review’, and ‘dealing with the authorities’ (you get to choose these categories, of course). You can then make use of TidyWork analytics to see how much of the time your staff are spending doing various tasks, this can certainly help with resource scheduling decisions down the track.

We hope this helps! Good luck in making your choice.

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